Queensland Subsidised Training.


Gain qualification, enhance your skills, and experience and improve
chances of getting employed, especially in the areas where skilled workers are needed.

The Queensland Government provides the following types of fundings:

  • Specified Traineeship courses under User Choice

What is the User Choice Program?

The User Choice 2010-2016 program provides a public funding contribution towards the cost of training and assessment for eligible Queensland apprentices and trainees. A wide range of qualifications in Financial Services, Business, Information Technology and Accounting are available in Queensland under the User Choice Traineeship program.

User Choice Traineeship program for individuals and User Choice Traineeship program for Employers have detailed information about this funding.

The Traineeship page explains in detail Traineeship program and the eligibility criteria.

Centrelink Approved Courses

Workforce Training & Development courses are approved by Centrelink for Student Payments.
You may be eligible for Centrelink assistance if you undertake one of the following course’s with Workforce Training & Development

Centrelink Assistance

  • Austudy, Abstudy and Youth Allowance
  • Education Entry Payment
  • Pensioner Education Supplement (PES)
  • Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme

Approved Courses

FNS30315 - Certificate III in Accounts Admnistration
BSB30415 - Certificate III in Business Admnistration
FNS30115 - Certificate III in Financial Services
FNS40615 - Certificate IV in Accounting
FNS42015 - Certificate IV in Banking Services
FNS40215 - Certificate IV in Bookkeeping
FNS40115 - Certificate IV in Credit Management
FNS41815 - Certificate IV in Financial Services
BSB42015 - Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

Please enquire through your local Centrelink office to see if you are eligible for Centrelink Assistance or visit the Centrelink website: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/themes/students-and-trainees

Centrelink Help Numbers:

Austudy 13 2490

Abstudy 13 2317

Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme -132 318

Youth Allowance 13 2490

Pensioner Education Supplement (PES) 13 2490

Jobs, Education and Training (JET) 13 6150